Thank you for your interest to support Changerism! We think of ‘donations’ in a unique way. Of course, financial contributions are very important. But there are more ways you can make a difference. Besides monetary support, you can offer your time and skills, and ideas.


1. Contribute financially 

Money helps us pay all sorts of bills. If you want to help us keep going financially, please consider donating. Transfer the amount you wish to our Bitcoin (BTC, ₿) or Ethereum (ETH, Ξ) addresses. Contact us and we will provide you with a BTC or ETH address. We love to get to know our donators better, but if you want to donate privately that is also possible. Download the Tor internet browser and use it set up an e-mail account in Protonmail. Then, again using the Tor browser, e-mail us from your Protonmail e-mail address and we will provide you with a donation address as per usual. This way you will retain your privacy.

There are many reasons we want to use decentralised blockchain technology as an alternative to traditional banking. Transactions in ₿ and Ξ means you have an option to donate anonymously. It also keeps transaction costs and duration to a minimum. Your money is also protected against unethical investments, financial products, and business models that we feel banks are bound up with. At the same time the technology works as a hedge against centralized financial monitoring and control by central entities like banks and governments. To us, using the blockchain is also an act of solidarity with various activist groups whose work have been previously hampered by such central entities, and communities who are cut off from mainstream financial institutions. 


2. Donate your time and skills 

Like money, time and skill are crucial resources. The more access we have to these resources for free, the less bills we have to pay. As a result we can take on bigger projects. 

If this sounds like something for you, email us why you want to support Changerism and which skills you can ‘donate’. If there is a match we will register you in our volunteer expert network. In the case we need your skills for a project we will invite you to take part! 

In principle, it does not matter to us who you are and what your skills are. Video editors, data visualizers, social media campaigners, text editors, researchers, lawyers, technical specialists, visual designers – anyone, anywhere is welcome to contribute with anything they have to give.

We feel this way of contributing opens up collaboration with people in a non-monetary and meaningful way. 

For experts seeking paid work: you are invited to send us an email as well. Tell us a bit about a) who you are, b) your motivation to work with Changerism, and c) about your expertise. d) Also send us your CV. If we see a fit we will add you to our professional network and may invite you to take part in a project. 


3. Entrust us your ideas 

All of our projects start with an idea. Money, skills and time are means to an end. But ideas spark our projects.

Maybe you have insider information that you feel needs to become public. We are a proven trustworthy entity to talk to. Send us a message. If you prefer we can then go forward using encrypted email correspondence.

Maybe you would like to propose a project to a fund and include us as a partner. Or just want to suggest a topic we should look into more deeply. These proposals and ideas are all welcome! Contact us below.

Thank you for reaching out! 





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